2022 Winter Sports Registration

2022 Winter Sports Registration


Bath County Parks and Recreation

Registration Deadline: November 12, 2022

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School: Age: Grade: Birthday:

Mother's Name:  Home Phone: Mother Cell Phone:

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League age for girls volleyball and teen basketball is as of October 1st. 

 Girls Volleyball JR League (ages 8-10)Girls Volleyball SR League (ages 11-12)

Girls Teen League Volleyball (ages 13-15) 

Boys Basketball JR League (ages 8-10) Girls can play on this league.

Boys Basketball SR. League (ages 11-13) Girls can play on this league. 

 Teen League Basketball (ages 14-15)

Rookie League Basketball (ages 5-7) 

Yes, I would like to coach.   Sport you want to coach

COACH**Parents/Guardians: our sports may be combined.  Valley and Millboro children could be playing on the same teams.  Also by signing your child up you are committing to traveling as needed to play games.

***Please be advised that our age brackets are subject to change depending on the number of sign ups.

****Practices will begin in December 2022. Games will begin in January 2023.

PLEASE RETURN SIGN UP FORM TO RECREATION DEPARTMENT BY NOVEMBER 12, 2022.*Can be returned by hand, fax, mail, or email.

If uniforms are not turned in, the parents will be charged the cost of the uniform. The child will not be allowed to participate in any other programs sponsored by the Bath County Parks and Recreation Department unil the complete uniform/equipment or cost of the uniform is turned into the recreation department. 

Please Initial and sign below:

I hereby agree to return and confirm all uniform/equipment  to the Bath County Parks and Recreation Department. If  not returned, I agree to pay the cost of the uniform/equipment.

I hereby give consent for my son/daughter to participate in the Youth League Sports sponsored by the Bath County Parks and Recreation Department, County of Bath, VA, and hereby waive and relinquish any and all rights of legal action or claims of said Department or the officers or members thereof, which might hereafter exist in the event of athletic injuries to said child.

Code of Standards for parents:

Parents shall be expected to demonstrate that they have an appreciation of the philosophy of youth league programs and cooperate with others in making the program of mutual benefit to all youngsters, further, parents are to show by example that they respect the judgement and position of authority of league referees and recreation department personnel.  They are expected to instill in their children a respect for the authority of all adult leaders in the league.

Parent Signature

Date Parent's Signature

Please return signup form to the Recreation Department by November 12, 2022.  

Forms can be mailed or dropped off at: 

Bath County Parks and Recreations, 65 Panther Drive, Hot Springs, VA 24445 - Valley Elementary School or Millboro School Offices. 

Emailed to: [email protected] 




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