Public Information

The County of Bath has created an email for Public Comment on Public Notices advertised in local newspapers or posted on the County’s Facebook page or website.  If you would like to have your voice heard but are uncomfortable attending a county meeting, please email: [email protected]  We will then forward your email to the Bath County Supervisors. 

Bath County Planning Commission Meeting 3-27-2023

Bath County Board of Supervisor's Meeting 4-11-2023

Bath County Housing Survey -

Bath County needs your input to help collect opinions on the housing condition within the county, and if housing is needed in the county.

Input from citizens of the County, folks that work in the county or reside in other localities, or those that would like to live in Bath County, but haven’t done so yet, is needed. The information that is received and compiled from these surveys can help the leadership in the County know what is needed and what is wanted. It will also help as grants and funding becomes available to have this information collected.


If you have a few minutes that you could spare to help Bath County out, it would be a tremendous help and most certainly appreciated.

This survey link will be available until April 4, 2023 for submittal. Paper surveys are also available at the Bath County Courthouse in the Administration Offices, as well as at the Bath County Public Library.


Draft Noise Ordinance 

Draft Short Term Rental Ordinance

FY2024 Budget Calendar

Short Term Rental Ordinance