Our Mission-our vision 

Solid Waste Ordinance Changes 

At their May 14, 2024, Bath County Supervisor's voted to adopt a revised Solid Waste Ordinance for a summary of changes to fee and disposal information, please go to the Solid Waste page under Government or for the ordinance in its entirety :  Chapter 16 Solid Waste Ordinance

Please contact the Bath County Administrator's Office with any questions. 

Mission Statement

Bath County respects the rights of its citizens guaranteed in the Constitution.  Further, the County governs responsibly by encouraging growth while preserving our history, heritage, and beauty. 

Vision Statement

Our community is welcoming, appealing, and caring. Bath County is a desired destination for both visitors and residents offering natural beauty, culture, and recreational opportunities.  Bath County has a vibrant and diversified economy that supports economic growth for citizens and businesses.  


 Payment Portal

PAVING INFORMATION: Main Street, Hot Springs (Route 615) Sunday, June 16th - 8 p.m. - 6 a.m. Monday, June 17th.

Litter Clean Up

County Highlights

Open House Childcare


Recycling Information

Recycling Containers across Bath County accepts the following materials: 
  #1 and #2 Plastics Only 
Tin or aluminum cans.
Cardboard and Paper products (please break down or cut up large pieces of cardboard) 

Items not accepted are: 
Plastic bags or sheeting
Foam packing material

The cleaner the materials the better,  please rinse your plastics and tin or aluminum cans.