Hazardous Materials

The Bath County Department of Emergency Management is the coordinating agency for hazardous materials emergency response.  Working primarily with fire departments, DEQ (Virginia Department of Environmental Quality) and VDEM (Virginia Department of Emergency Management), the department works to protect lives, property and the environment.


Areas of focus

  • Response – Public safety, containment, cleanup and mitigation are the primary goal.
  • Planning – Submitted Tier II reports and other hazards are evaluated to maintain county plans.
  • Training – All the responding departments are staffed with Hazmat Operations certified personnel. To maintain readiness, new hazards and new methods are continually sought out.
  • Coordination – Through LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee), Fire & Rescue Association, and other meetings, stakeholders maintain communications and brief each other of new or changing hazards and capabilities.
  • Equipment – All of the responding departments maintain a cache of defensive spill containment measures, gas meters, and SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus.).



Andy Seabolt - Hazardous Materials Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 540.839.7236